rescuing animals in need

About R.A.I.N.


R.A.I.N./Rescuing animals in need was originally established in 2012. We are located in Western Washington. Most of our dogs and cats come from underfunded shelters in Washington and California, where animals can be euthanized anytime due to lack of space, poor health, or duration of stay.
Many of our pets are rescued at the “eleventh hour” and are considered critical or urgent. They had little chance of being saved.
Rescued dogs and cats are vaccinated, spayed/neutered (if old enough),  given flea/tick preventive, deworming medication, and microchipped. They are socialized with other pets and worked with regularly in foster care so we can get to know their personalities in depth.  This ensures that the pet is well adjusted, happy and healthy before being adopted. It also helps us select the perfect forever home. Many of them have been through severe hardship, mistreatment or neglect, and that makes it even more important that we do our best for them. This means that we have to have guidelines because not every adopter is right for every animal.  We often have to say “no” to a potential adopter. Our animals do not have a say in where they go; since we speak for those who have no voice, we must do right by them.

We have an amazing, small network of loving dedicated foster homes predominantly in the South Puget Sound area and there is not a physical shelter location. Dogs and cats can be met by appointment only, unless attending an adoption event.
Donations and sponsorships are greatly appreciated as they will help us to continue rescuing and caring for unwanted animals.

We are an all breed rescue, however German Shepherds and feline friends are the most near and dear to our hearts.
For more information about R.A.I.N. rescue, please contact us at rescuinganimals@gmail.com.

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