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What’s in your dog’s food?

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So, what’s the best dog food? This is probably the single most pressing question on every dog food shopper’s mind. However, it’s impossible to pin down the answer to just one clear winner. After reviewing hundreds of dog food brands representing more than 3,300 products, TheDogFoodAdvisor has been able to narrow down the choices to a few short lists. In most cases, each “Best Dog Foods” list also includes a brief explanation for how we selected the winners. Check out the food you are feeding your pets and see where they stand. You may be very surprised. You can also check out the latest in Food and Treat recalls. This IS the most up to date place to find out what’s the scoop on what you are feeding your pets!

One thought on “What’s in your dog’s food?

  1. I want to THANK YOUR organization for my new sole mate that I got yesterday from you folks. He is a LITTLE love bug and will receive all the love right back to him. I have named him Doodles for doodle bug. he is so tiny and precious. THANK YOU again for rescuring him and saving his little life. He WILL GET so much loving. It will be a learning process for him and me (at84yrs) to learn to potty on a potty pad. AGAIN THANK YOU so much for my little Doodles. sincerely Dorothy Ashlock

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