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Meet Hyco!

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***ADOPTED***Hyco is ready for his forever home. Here is what Hyco’s foster mom has to say about this magnificent dog.

248 249Ohh for the love of Hyco, this dog has been like a hurricane! He is 3 1/2 years old, neutered male GSD, with a happy go lucky exuberance that will lift your heart with joy. Hyco is named after a fallen police dog from North Carolina, who was shot while protecting his handler. I chose the name Hyco because he is very much like a police dog. While he doesn’t go looking for trouble, he will step up to resolve it. Hyco has been with me for 10 weeks, he came to me underweight and depressed, and no training whatsoever. His previous person passed away, and this extra large love beast was kept in boarding for four months until he was sent to me. In this time I have established myself as his pack leader, house trained him, he is excellent with my chi puppy and a little excited with my cat. He thrives in my home with 3 other German Shepherds. He responds beautifully to his name. Hyco requires a secure fenced yard, no exceptions on this. Hyco is crate trained but this is optional since he is also house trained. I highly recommend a 48″ wire crate, he is completely comfortable all night and sleeps peacefully until I get up. Hyco requires a minimum of 30 min strict walk with no stops for smelling, and a brisk pace. I currently use a treadmill to exercise Hyco because he requires more exercise than I can give him, and it helps with his mental focus. Hyco rides well, plays ball, tug, and chases my other dogs around playfully. Hyco is a classic tempered GSD with a protective nature. Hyco can be crated during the day for a reasonable amount of time as long as he gets adequate exercise in the morning, as well as the evening. Hyco is smart and loves mental exercise.  He is more than ready for a formal obedience class and will be the star student for sure.   Hyco is not a city dog, he will need a more rural setting with some space… and did I mention he is leash trained?”

He is neutered, up to date with all vaccines, microchipped, heartworm tested negative and ready to go. His adoption fee is $450. Hyco is in foster care in Winlock, WA where he can be met by appointment and approved application. Email rescuinganimals@gmail.com for an application today!

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