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Gorgeous Kittens available now for adoption!

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We have three absolutely adorable kittens ready for their forever homes now!

2 white females, 1 tabby male. Approximately 14 weeks old. LOTS of exposure to children and moody adult cats.

Luna (SF): Spunky, adventurous, and affectionate white kitten. She is the smallest but most lively of her litter. LOVES small children and is very happy to be picked up and carried around by small hands. Purrs almost instantaneously when picked up, held, or pet. One pupil constricts to a triangle. Suspected to be deaf (very common in white cats). Great for being around children, but not for being outside.

Elinor (SF): Sweet, outgoing, and playful white kitten. Beautiful medium haired kitten loves to play and snuggle! Loves toys and pouncing her siblings. Fearless! Super striking Heterochromia Iridim (different colored eyes). One eye is blue, the other is hazel. Suspected to be deaf (very common in white cats). Ideal for being around children, but not for being outside.

Joey (NM): Goofy, affectionate, and friendly dark brown/black mc tabby kitten. SO FLUFFY! This guy is happy to snuggle and ready to play. LOVES sitting in laps and being lavished with pets. Strong & happy purr. Enjoys exploring and sneaking up on his deaf sisters.

These sweet babies have been in foster care since they were 6 weeks old, have had their 2 booster kitten vaccines, de flea’d de wormed and microchipped. They are also spayed and neutered and ready for their forever homes now. Please contact info@rescuinganimalsinneed-wa.org for more info on the kittens. Adopt fee is $125 per kitten.

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Trainer recommendation for you and help to manage your dog!


Family owned and operated with over 30 years experience in the Pet Industry. We are committed to serving you and your pet by providing the very best in quality and affordable Dog Training, Dog and Cat Boarding and Pet Supplies. We have a history of building lifelong relationships with our clientele, providing information beyond just the products and services we offer, allowing you to make informed decisions about managing your current pet, or in choosing your next one.  Because our pets are an essential part of our family’s life; we understand just how important your Pet is to you.