rescuing animals in need


Anyone who has ever rescued an animal at the last moment knows the joy
of seeing a dog or cat out of the safe when freedom pictures are posted…
Or the satisfaction of giving a pet a second chance and finding them a forever home with
a loving, responsible family. 
However, there are many steps in between rescue and adoption.

For  a rescue, once a dog or cat is out of the shelter, the journey has just begun. 

Our rescued pet is taken straight to a vet for an exam.
They are vaccinated, spayed or neutered, microchipped and checked over for infection or internal/external  parasites.
If an animal is found to have a medical condition such as a Upper Respiratory
Infection (very Common) and there are no fosters available, they may need to
go into boarding until a foster or adopter is found.  As you can imagine, these costs can add up quick.
We are a little rescue with a big heart that wants to save as many lives as we can,

 but it is dependent on the generosity of our supporters and friends.
Someone once said “if you are making money in rescue, you are doing it wrong”.

That is why your donations or sponsorships are so vitally important.  Any money
raised is recycled into getting another shelter pet to safety.  Please consider
making a gift to our rescue. Non monetary donations are just as important if not more so!  The Amazon Wish List is an easy way to help us out. This list was put together by our own foster families.

R.A.I.N. Foster Wish List
Link: http://amzn.com/w/2GN49H5W8I49QHeader Dog

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